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We believe that children are like the seeds that have the potential to blossom into trees. Any place that provides the conducive nurturing ground will facilitate the nurturing of that potential into tangible performance.

Prime International School (PIS) is a default choice for the parents who wish to see their children blossom into the very best version of themselves.

The management of PIS is committed to bring about radical transformation into the current educational system through the ideation, deliberation and execution of a cutting-edge curriculum that adheres to the principles of National Educational Policy 2020 and 21st century education.

In addition to providing the set CBSE curriculum, the Prime International School thrives on the spirit of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

We envision a school that not only caters to the academic needs of the curriculum but also goes steps ahead and prepares the students for the real world experience. A school that fosters the 5Cs of Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Cultural Adaptability.

PIS offers a unique blend of traditional education and ultra-modern curriculum that is poised to grow your child into a true global citizen. Our efforts are geared to bring out the best in your child by way of inculcating in him the triple globally sought skills of Language, Logic and Leadership.

In an environment that fosters the critical 21st century skills, the children get to learn and experience the real world problems and constructive solutions.

We understand that the goal of any education is ultimate translation into application. Knowledge is only potential power. It requires a catalyst to transform knowledge into understanding and ultimately into application.

Prime International School prides itself into building an ecosystem that facilitates the catalytic environment that takes the student's learning to earning. Whether the child has the temperament to be an employee or an entrepreneur, we provide the perfect learning ground that catapults the students into a journey of their choice.

We understand that as a 21st century school, it's our duty and the willingness to make our students highly informative of the global practices and the ever changing digital ecosystem. And thus, we have integrated within our curriculum, the three pillars of Language, Logic and Leadership development.

Language skills impart in him, the necessary skills to speak up his mind, logic skills help him to question the set assumptions and thus fostering the skills of critical thinking and creativity and finally the leadership skills set him up to take up any challenging roles from the entities like family to the organizations have to offer. We have devised the labs catering to the acquisition of these skills.

Traditional rote learning prepares the students for the exams but we understand that the University of Life and the Department of Hard Knocks demand a different skill set that blends uniquely with Experiential Learning. Learning that equips the student with the understanding of getting to the root cause of any problem, think on his own feet and ultimately invent a solution that is highly personal and yet universal in application.

Children bear the torch of curiosity. With NEP 2020 placing great importance on curiosity exploration, we have devised a mechanism that perfectly compliments the tenets of the NEP 2020 and 21st century curriculum.

A student that explores his curiosities, has compassion towards the fellow world citizens and has the courage to follow his dreams is prepared to be an entrepreneur tomorrow.

The pace at which the world is evolving, we believe the traditional Resume & Curriculum Vitae` will soon be replaced by the Personal Brands. The students will need to produce the evidence of their completed projects, passionate discoveries and individual ideas.

Prime's Kidpreneur lab provides the perfect platform for the students to explore their curiosities, exercise compassion and muster up courage to birthing the entrepreneur within.

In addition to all of the above, the E-learning and Math labs, provide the student with the opportunities to lay their hands on the cutting-edge practices in Information Technology, ancient mathematical methods etc.

The sports facilities spread within the 5 acre campus is another asset that we are proud of. We place great emphasis on holistic development that includes physical, mental, emotional, intellectual development of students. The sports complex and the music labs perfectly synchronize with our overall vision of making the students a versatile being


Our vision is to be a true 21st Century school where curiosity-driven minds thrive in an environment that values and encourages ideation, innovation and execution.



To transform the lives of 1 lac students in the next ten years through education, experimentation and implementation of a cutting-edge curriculum involving change through character building leading to nation building.

Get curious to learn new things
Be Compassionate with your fellow beings
Be Courageous to follow your dreams
Be Confident in dealing with people and situations in life
Be Creative in ideation and execution of your dreams
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