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We provide a unique educational experience. With the support of our qualified professional team who will help prepare our students to achieve their goals. We are committed towards supporting and guiding each student for their next stage of life, from choosing their future career to their preferred field.

Middle Stage Programme is the first stage in preparing the students, who are expected to have a high degree of independence and self-motivation; to have excellent attendance and behavioral records; and to contribute meaningfully towards the school community.

Our students will enjoy a more flexible timetable, further leadership opportunities and enrichment programmes, a personal tutor, their own level wise breakout and specialized study room and common room facilities.

The middle stage is a very crucial phase in the students’ education. Prime International School understands this and works to give its students a quality learning experience. This stage consists of children of ages 12-14 from grades 6-8. We emphasize on more abstract concepts in subjects like science, mathematics, arts, social science and humanities. We provide interactive, experiential, competency-based learning and teaching. We have also introduced skill-based subjects like app development, coding, AI, handicrafts and so much more.

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