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To nurture our students, and make them physically strong and mentally active citizens of the future, a range of sports facilities are made available. Students can choose from the following sporting adventures:


Prime has been an active participant in CBSE Sports events and Khel mahakhumbh. Athletes also participate in the District and State Athletics amd National events.

Girls Doing Push-Ups


Aerobics is enjoyed both by senior and junior girls during early morning PT time as well as evening sports. The displays during Inter House Competitions and Annual Sports Meet are a popular and colourful attraction. It keeps them fit, agile and enhances endurance.

Child Practicing Gymnastics


Badminton has a special place in Prime international School. It is a popular sport among the students. Badminton teams participate in the local, District and State level tournaments.

Martial Arts Class


Karate is taught to all students and is a compulsory activity to make students capable for defending themselves in time of need .


Archery is a fitness activity that benefits areas from muscle development to mental health. The sport of archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability and determination. Students participate in various competitions.



Table Tennis has pride of place as a game played by many students in school. Students have won laurels at the District, State and National level.

Table Tennis
Girl with Rollerblades


Skating has been one of the strongest sport of Prime international. Students learn important skills like balance and coordination. These abilities benefit them in a variety of other sports. Students have won various accolades at National and State level.



Cricket is one of the most popular sport among students. Cricket is a sport for developing overall fitness, stamina and hand–eye coordination. Prime has one of the strongest team in terms of Cricket.

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