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We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the seminar on the National Education Policy 2020, which was conducted by the eminent facilitators from CBSE, Mr. Shailesh Sutaria and Ms. Unnati Joshi.

Prime International School, Jamnagar hosted the seminar on 3rd May 2023 at its beautiful green campus sprawling 5 acres.

More than 50 enthusiastic teachers from Jamnagar, Junagarh and adjoining districts attended the seminar. The event proved to be an insightful and enriching experience for all attendees, as it provided an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the principles and objectives of NEP 2020.

The seminar covered a range of critical topics, including Early Childhood Care and Education, Universal Access to Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools, Curriculum Integration of Essential Subjects, Skills and Capacities, Equitable and Inclusive Education, Efficient Resourcing and Effective Governance, Promotion of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture, and Technology Use and Integration.

The event commenced with an introduction by Ms. Shiny Joyce, who set the stage for the seminar's purpose and objectives. Mr. Pramod Jadhav, the Principal of PIS, delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing his gratitude to the facilitators for conducting the seminar and emphasizing the significance of the NEP 2020.

Mr. Jadhav expressed special gratitude to the Honorable trustee Prof. Harsha Malaviya and Prof. Rajesh Vaishnava for their time and gracious presence.

The participants to the seminar gave live testimonials as to how the seminar enriched their understanding of NEP-2020 and how they plan to take it forward by implementing the tenets of it.

We congratulate both the eminent facilitators, attendee teachers and organizers for the successful completion of this seminar and look forward to more such enlightening events in the future.

We further express our deep gratitude to the teachers & staff of PIS for their untiring support in making this event successful.

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