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Here in PRIME INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we provide best facilities for help in your children's growth mentally and physically too.


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EPS Based Buses

School buses are the most preferred and frequently used transportation system of commute for the students. Even if the parents could drive their children to and from the school on their own, they choose school buses over their cars. The reason being the safety a school bus provides to the children. Traveling by school bus is the safest way for children to commute to and from the school.

School Bus
Online Education

Digital Learning

Prime International School has many unique learning spaces integrated with digital classrooms, helping students overcome their academic challenges. We have designed the classrooms in a way that inspires students to be creative. The multi-purpose open spaces in the school allows for learning to happen outside the classroom as well. These spaces are also used for sports, music, drama and other extracurricular activities.

Sign Language in Classroom

Language Labs

To complement classroom teaching, the school has some hi-tech modern labs, comprising four well-equipped labs. These labs are explicitly developed for inquisitive 21st-century learners. It follows a blended teaching and learning approach—each lesson comprises instructor-led classroom sessions as well as computer-based lab sessions. Different kinds of interactive games and puzzles ensure an engaging learning experience for the students. Additionally, various innovative tools such as a digital dictionary, writing and phonetic tutors and pronunciation tools improve students’ writing and speaking skills.

Computer Lab

Technology has made inroads into every aspect of our life and therefore, technological knowledge is essential for success in the future. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a well-equipped computer lab where students can experience technology first-hand. Every student is given the freedom to use and upgrade computers and other digital equipment independently. Our experienced and dedicated teachers facilitate students’ learning and keep them informed about technological advancements around the globe.

Computre Lab

Physical Education

P.E. class can produce positive effects on students' health, behavior, and academic performance. As part of this, health education is the teaching of information on the prevention, control, and treatment of diseases. Activities in P.E. include football, netball, hockey, rounder’s, cricket, four square, racing, and numerous other children's games. Physical education also teaches nutrition, healthy habits, and individuality of needs. 

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson
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